Receipts Website Relaunch

The Receipts software has constantly evolved and it was time for the website to get a new look. But not only the appearance has changed, a lot of work has also been put into the details.

The new help

The entire help is now on one web page and can be easily printed out if required. The content is structured with sections that build on each other.

Besides the actual content, there is now a table of contents floating next to the text. It is easy to see which section you are in and main topics are easier to find.

Each heading now has a label that is part of the URL. This allows specific content to be accessed and easily shared, which in turn benefits support.

The new search

A new search form has also made it to the new website. All content can be accessed via it. Even inaccurate search terms should lead to useful results.

The new blog

And I am especially happy about the new blog. In the future, news and special features will be discussed in more detail here. But I would also like to talk about future developments and insights into current prototypes.

The blog is also a good place to present application examples for the daily use of receipts. Here I would be very pleased about examples of Receipts users. Please contact me via support.