right Today PDFify.app was released, a small handy app to easily create PDFs from images, emails or web pages. Text recognition is started automatically when needed. An extensive dialog for scanners and cameras is also included.

In fact, PDFify's features are components that are also used in receipts. Due to the voluntarily provided anonymous analysis data of Receipts, it could be recognized that scanned documents make up a considerable part of the processed documents. Likewise the text recognition is taken up extensively. Here again it showed up that the recognition rates can be still improved.

For this reason, the scanner and text recognition (OCR) areas have been revised and PDFify has now been created as a by-product in order to be able to check these features better.

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These improvements and several new features are expected for a future major revision of Receipts. More information will be published in this blog. As always, feedback is welcome.