Extension of exchange rates

With the latest update, we have improved the intelligent currency recognition and made the handling more comfortable and intuitive. Furthermore, we have extended Receipts with over 200 daily updated exchange rates.

Do you still remember the "good old days" before Euro? Long time ago... Did it also happen to you that you packed Belgian francs for your vacation in France? 😱🤣

As a new feature, Receipts now supports all "old" currencies that existed before the Euro at the officially set exchange rate. So you can see for yourself, if everything has really become more expensive now....

However, we don't want to just reminisce about old memories, but have looked into the future by also including cryptocurrencies, such as BTC and ETH, in Receipts, which are updated on a daily basis - unfortunately not every minute.

Furthermore, we have expanded the exchange rate conversion in Receipts to over 200 daily updated exchange rates with the latest update. New are among others AED, ILS, UAH, and XDR.

Daily updated always means from the previous day, as we update our database after the central banks close for the night. Therefore, the amounts may differ slightly from the actual settled amounts. If this is the case, the amount can be corrected manually.

right So that no one loses track of the multitude of new currencies, the already confirmed, i.e. used currencies are fixed at the top of the dropdown. The complete list of currencies is still sorted alphabetically in the dropdown menu. Like everywhere else in the macOS world, you can quickly get to the currency you want by selecting the initial letter(s). Or even simpler: You add the currency to the amount in the input field - either you set the 3-character code or a common currency sign like $, £ or €. This way you can also "copy-paste" the currency and have everything entered correctly. By the way, it doesn't matter if the currency is before or after the amount.

Give it a try and Download Receipts 1.9.11 now.