Some values have not been recognized correctly

Receipts automatically recognizes the values, but not always 100%. I will gladly look at faulty documents and then optimize the algorithm accordingly. Automatic teach-in is not yet available. Documents sent will of course be treated confidentially and not passed on to third parties.

With scans, however, the recognition can also be improved by a few small tricks:

- Good scan quality, e. g. by using a document scanner such as ScanSnap iX 500
- If you want Receipts to perform the text recognition, it is recommended to scan with at least 300 DPI and save the result as PNG.
- Images are much better if you use so-called document scanners on your mobile phone. These can then be integrated super on the workflow of receipts, see here

The correct indication of the tax-relevant VAT rates in the settings also helps to find more plausible values.