Integration: GrandTotal

Application Icon The integration with the invoicing application GrandTotal offers a simple way to account expenses that were tracked with Receipts e.g. travel expenses. But at the same time invoices can be imported from GrandTotal into Receipts to reflect the other side of the cash flow.

Import from GrandTotal

There are various ways to get invoices that have been created by GrandTotal imported into Receipts:

  1. In the main menu choose Files > Import from GrandTotal. All invoices will be imported and existing ones get updated, if required.
  2. In the main menu of GrandTotal choose Files > Send To > Receipts. In the next dialog the time period and other details will be asked. Confirm to send.
  3. Mark entries in GrandTotal and drag them on Receipts application icon or window.

Use Receipt's entries in Grand Total / Expense Reports

Select relevant entries in the list view and press CMD + C to copy them. Now switch to GrandTotal and paste them into an invoice by pressing CMD + V