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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

▶︎ Can I work on multiple devices?

Currently there is no sync available i.e. ideally you should have the data on one machine. However if you follow some rules you should be able to use the database on a shared storage like Dropbox and maybe iCloud. These are:

1. Never run the app on more than one machine at the same time
2. Make sure you really "quit" the app before opening on another device
3. Make sure to always have backups of a previous state in case something went wrong e.g. by using Time Machine or creating copies

This is indeed just a work around. Implementing real sync has top priority on my todo list, but it is a complex task. Therefore I cannot make any forecast on when it will become available.

▶︎ Will Receipts run on BigSur and new Apple Silicon (M1) Macbooks?

Receipts works fine on BigSur and M1 MacBooks.

▶︎ Where is the data located?

Receipts stores the data in a file ending in ". receipts". At the first program start Receipts asks where to create this file. Usually this is the "Documents" folder.

If the currently used file cannot be found, it is possible to display the file name in Receipts under the menu item "Display" > "Window title". There please press with the right mouse button, the path to the file opens. By selecting the next entry close to the file name, you can open the folder containing it.

▶︎ Does Receipts work with Neat?

I do not own a Neat Scanner, therefore I can just take my knowledge from the web. You should indeed be able to scan to your local computer using the Neat software e.g. in PDF format and then pass it to Receipts

▶︎ Some values have not been recognized correctly

Receipts automatically recognizes the values, but not always 100%. I will gladly look at faulty documents and then optimize the algorithm accordingly. Automatic teach-in is not yet available. Documents sent will of course be treated confidentially and not passed on to third parties.

With scans, however, the recognition can also be improved by a few small tricks:

- Good scan quality, e. g. by using a document scanner such as ScanSnap iX 500
- If you want Receipts to perform the text recognition, it is recommended to scan with at least 300 DPI and save the result as PNG.
- Images are much better if you use so-called document scanners on your mobile phone. These can then be integrated super on the workflow of receipts, see here

The correct indication of the tax-relevant VAT rates in the settings also helps to find more plausible values.

▶︎ Is there a beta version?

The latest beta version can be tried by activating the "Update to beta versions if available" option in the settings (CMD +,). A subsequent "Check for updates now" should already show the beta.

Alternatively, the beta can also be downloaded directly from

Warning: Although we try hard to work carefully, the quality of these beta versions can vary greatly! Therefore, we would like to point out that a backup of the files used should be made before using Beta to prevent data loss. (Backup e. g. by time machine or duplicating the ".receipts" file.

▶︎ The app crashes/quits unexpectedly!

Please reinstall Receipts. You can directly download the latest version from here: Please copy it to the "Application" folder and overwrite the previous version.

▶︎ Is Airmail supported?

You can simply drag mails from AirMail to Receipts to import them.

▶︎ I cannot download / lost my license.

The link to the license files expires within 7 days, so it's best to save it locally. To receive another copy please write to Also the Receipts support will help you

▶︎ Use the app in a different language?

The language in which the app is displayed depends on the operating system setting. If you still want to display the app in a different language, you can use the handy tool "App Language Chooser" which can be downloaded from the AppStore:

▶︎ How to create a backup?

Receipts stores all data in the respective files ending in ". receipts". This is the file that should be backed up. Usually, the Time Machine does its job in the background when it is activated. However, it is also possible to duplicate the file or make a copy elsewhere, such as on an external drive or server. It is important that "Receipts" is closed while the copies are being made.

▶︎ The preset tax rates are not correct

You can easily change the tax rates in the settings. Enter all rates you need separated by space. For example for rates like 7.5% and 12% you could enter "7.5 12". Also see

▶︎ Dragging emails on the dock icon does not work any more?

Since release 1.9.11 dragging emails to the dock icon does not work as usual. With the next release 1.9.12 this bug will be fixed. You can still drag emails on the app window. If you don't want to wait and use the version from the homepage, you can already try out the beta. To do so, select "Beta" in the preferences for updates.

▶︎ How can I manage more than one business or separate private from business?

Form the main menu entry "File" you can create new libraries or open them. These libraries will be stored as separate files on disc containing copies of the documents you imported while using them. These libraries can be opened in Finder by double click as well.

▶︎ Scanner dialog shows error message

Some scanners may experience technical problems, especially with black and white scans. These can usually be avoided by displaying the file selection fields. To do this, please select the menu item for opening the scanner dialog in the main menu while holding down the ALT key.

▶︎ How to repair a broken database?

Generally, a working backup should be searched for and used first!

If a database needs to be repaired, instructions can be found in the help:

▶︎ Is there a shareholding for mediated sales? (Affiliate Program)

Yes, an affiliate program exists. A share is distributed for each generated sale. Registration and details at

▶︎ How can I send log files?

To send the log files please inside the running app go to the main menu "Help" and then choose "Support". In the support form choose "Add logs" from the top right attachments button.