Receipts Mac App

Receipts collects receipts and recognizes values automatically.

Ideal for taxes, accounting and expenses.

Collecting and evaluating receipts for private or professional reasons affects us all, be it for tax returns, expense accounting or accounting.

"Receipts" greatly simplifies this work by automatically evaluating receipts and recognizing amounts, dates and payment information. The classification of contact and category is also done automatically after a short time.

Collecting the receipts is another point where "Receipts" saves time due to its numerous integrations. For example, e-mails can be imported automatically when they arrive. Monitoring changes in file folders is also a very efficient method of document capture. But there is also a direct connection to scanners such as ScanSnap.

Documents can be simply dragged to the app, which can be PDF, scans, photographs, e-mails or web pages. If necessary, an automatic integrated text recognition (OCR) is used and searchable PDFs are generated from all formats.

Further practical integrations help with the processing of receipts. In this way, receipts can be paid directly from within "Receipts" via the connection to MoneyMoney and iFinance. Invoices can be synchronized with GrandTotal. Amounts in foreign currencies are automatically translated at the latest daily exchange rates.

The dashboard provides a quick overview of the financial situation by means of numerous summarizing values and graphics. Reports can be created from there and documents and data can be exported in various formats.

"Receipts" requires at least macOS 10.10. In the test version, the number of stored documents is limited to 50. The full version is available for EUR 59,95 incl. VAT.

If you have any questions, please contact us via A press kit with icon, screenshots and sample data is available for [download](/goto/download/Receipts-Press-Kit. zip).

About the Developer

Dirk Holtwick has been working as a software developer for more than 20 years, including renowned companies such as Evernote.

Further information on holtwick. de.

Affiliate Program

We offer an attractive affiliate program.

Details at receipts. com/affiliate.