Import Documents

Screenshot Receipts features various ways to import a receipt. The imported files appear in the "Recent Imports" list. It is possible to reset the list, otherwise the imports of 24 hours before the last import are shown.

Duplicates are recognized and will get marked.

"Drag and Drop" on window or dock icon

Drag and drop one or more receipts in the form of pictures, scans, PDF, Apple Mail, web pages or folders onto the open window of the app or the icon in dock easily.

"Import" in main menu or toolbar

A file dialog opening after selecting "import" from main menu or toolbar offers the opportunity to choose files or folders to be imported.

"Save PDF in Receipts" in print dialog

Press the "PDF" button on the bottom left in the print dialog and select "Save PDF to Receipts" in order to import the document into receipts.


In programs offering a share menu, such as Safari or Preview, select "Receipts" and press "post" in the following dialog.


After selecting your scanner from "Importing name>" in the main menu, a dialog will open to operate your scanner. A resolution of at least 300 DPI, better 600 DPI and PNG as file format are recommended.

The integration of the popular ScanSnap document scanner is also easy to do.

Observed folders

Receipts searches for new receipts through already imported folders and imports them automatically.

After importing a folder, it is asked if this folder should be tracked. In addition, the "Observed Folders" can also be selected later from "Preferences" (⌘,), and thus receipts can be filed as usual without opening receipts.

Smart phone or tablet

The "Observed Folder" feature can be used on the road using camera or scanner apps, such as Scannable, ScanBot, DropBox or others creating a scan and filing in an "observed folder" with Dropbox, iCloud Drive or any other.

Mail applications

Usually you can drag mails from any mail app and drop it on Receipts window or dock icon. It will look out for a PDF attachment and import that. If there is no PDF attachment the mail content is considered the actual receipts (like for iTunes, Google PlayStore, etc.) and converts it into a nice PDF on the fly for you.

Some mail apps offer a deeper integration:

Special features: title, tags and comments

For any file that is imported the file name is set as 'title', the File System Tags are set as 'tags' and the file's comment attribute is set as 'note'. The tags of the parent folders are also imported this way. This way it is easy to set these attributes already on the file level.

This is also working for observed folders.

See also: Duplicates, Observed Folders, ScanSnap, OCR, API