Handling of Duplicates

Screenshot To avoid to import duplicate files the following criteria are checked:

  • Creation date of file
  • Size of file in bytes
  • File name

If no entry in the database meets all these criteria another step follows:

  • Checksum (MD5) of the file content

This value is compared to the database too.

Duplikate erkennen

On import recognized duplicates are not imported again, instead the existing entry will be marked by an icon in the "Recent Imports" listing. Via the context menu the ignored file can be revealed in the Finder.

Special Case: Trash

If the only duplicate found is already in the trash then the import is still performed.

Special Case: Tracked Folders

If the background process of "Tracked Folders" encounters a dupliacate in the trash it avoids to import the file again/

Closing Notes

The test for duplicates is perfomed on the basis of equal data and not equal content, that means for example that if multiple scans or photos of the same document are imported, these are not considered duplicates even though the "content" of the document is the same.

See also: Import of Receipts