Import from mobile - iOS and Android

Receipts is known to be a macOS application, but receipts can also be captured directly on mobile devices without any loss of comfort and can be automatically processed in receipts. Little free helpers from Dropbox, Evernote and Co. will help.

Observed Folder

A particularly powerful feature of Receipts is the possibility to watch file folders. Whenever a new file is placed in the folder or a subfolder, it is automatically processed in Receipts. And if Receipts should not be started, this process will be done the next time the application is started.

Using this function is very easy. If a folder is dragged onto the window or the Dock icon of Receipts, the program asks if it should watch this folder. But you can also use the Settings menu item to add folders and edit folders that have already been registered.


We are now taking advantage of this feature to integrate our mobile devices. First of all, we use the great mobile app (iOS and Android) from Dropbox, which is also able to recognize documents with the camera and store them as pictures in the Dropbox. If we now have a Dropbox folder on our computer, a document that we capture with the mobile app will be synchronized there and processed by Receipts.

iCloud Drive & Scannable

The iCloud offers a folder structure that can be accessed via the Finder, the so-called iCloud Drive. There we create another folder and observe it.

In order to capture the documents, we use the excellent app Scannable from Evernote. There we select "Send" and then "Share". During the actions we can then select iCloud Drive and select the folder we created. And once again, Receipts will take care of the rest for us, automatically.

There are certainly many more great ways to create an individual workflow using the "Observe Folder" function. Write to us about your experiences at or better still via Twitter@receipts-app.

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