Advanced Search

Partial terms can be entered into the search field. The following rules apply:

  • Capitalization is not relevant
  • Several sub-terms are linked by AND. Thus if only all conditions are met, it hits the target
  • It is searched for words. This means if it's searched for invoice, also invoice amount is found.
  • The contents of the files, the title field, the note field, the provider field and the category field are searched through.
  • In quotation marks " set expressions are found as a whole, e.g. "vat number".
  • Prefixed - excludes corresponding hits, e.g. House.
  • Prefixed # or category searches for matches in categories, e.g. # Internet orcategory: internet
  • Prefixed @ or provider searches for hits in providers, e.g. @ Telekom orprovider: telekom