Tracked Folders

To make repetetive import task more easy you can tell Receipts to track file folders. As soon as a new file comes present inside of the folder or one of its subfolders it will get imported if it is no duplicate.

While Receipts is running the import is happening immediately else it will happen next time the application is launched.

Registration of Folders

To register folder to be observed you can do the following:

  • Drag a folder on Receipt's window or dock icon. A dialog will show up asking if tracking should be activated.
  • In preferences (main menu Receipts > Preferences or CMD + ,) tracked folders can be managed.

Delete on Import

If the new files should get deleted immediately after import the preferences offer such an option. But for security reasons this option will only show up if the folder initially is empty.

The successfully imported file are moved to the Trash. In case there is no Trash available, like on netword drives, the file is moved to the hidden folder .ReceiptsTrash under the same folder as the original file.


There is a number of nice work flows e.g. you can document scan or simply take photos on your mobile which then are synced to a tracked folder on iCloud Drive or Dropbox. See this video for an example:

See also: Import of receipts