Confirmation Step

After the import is finished, the new records are shown hatched in the dialog box "Confirm". The smart data recognition automatically reads out the invoice amount, the VAT and the slip date and recognizes the currency. Due to the importance for further use this information should be reviewed briefly and corrected in the window, if necessary.

Furthermore, the contact must be entered manually. The contact's name can directly be typed in the field labeled with "Provider" or the name is marked in the PDF and added by selecting "Add marking as a provider" with the right mouse key. Any further files of the same provider will be automatically recognized by Receipts.

An individual category can also be assigned to the records by typing it in the field labeled with "Category". The category is always related to the recorded contact. Once entered categories are displayed in a drop-down menu and can be chosen for other providers.

Further down in the dialog searchable notes can be added to the record by simply typing. In addition, you can mark anything in the related PDF and then use the right mouse key "Add marking as a note“ in order to create a note.

Amounts that are not in the standard currency, will automatically be converted based on the daily exchange rate of the issue date. The invoice amount also can be modified at this stage or any later manually. Thus, all amounts are always listed in the standard currency and give an actual overview of the expenditure.

After clicking on the "Confirm and next" button the record is saved and is no longer displayed hatched.